04/03/2016 17:58
Junior Creations in Islamic Arts On the occasion of the Khalifa Qattan Children & Youth Fine Arts 10th Anniversary, a three category arts subjects will be the focus of this year's Theme. This includes:  1- Islamic Calligraphy  2- Islamic Design  3- Islamic Architecture The...
06/03/2015 22:31
The 9th Annual Workshop will be held under the patronage of the Kuwait National Council of Culture Arts and Letters on Thrursday 12 March 2015 at 10 am to 1 pm at the Abdulaziz Hussain Cultural Center in Mishref for three days. Friday and Saturday 13 and 14 March 2015 the workshop will be open...
17/04/2014 10:00
THE KHALIFA QATTAN'S 8TH ANUUAL CHILDREN & YOUTH ART WORKSHOP This year's annual 8th event will takes place in the Abdulazia Hussain Cultural Center in Mishref. It is sponsored by the Kuwait National Council for Culture Arts and Letters. Because it is sponsored by a government establishment,...
31/12/2013 15:26
Our new website has been launched today. It is a work in progress, so stay tuned for new developments Thank you


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